Did You Try Turning it Off and On Again?

My soon to be ex-logo, but that's a story for another time.

My soon to be ex-logo, but that’s a story for another time.

Sometimes you just need to stop and take a massive step backwards before you can attempt to move forward, and it seems I’ve hit a stopping point. Really, I hit it last August after Blogher, when I seem to have stumbled in to the path of a spinning beach ball, though I was silly enough to think it would fix itself. Instead, I ended up completely freezing to the point there was no way of fixing anything without completely shutting down. So, I’m go back to the beginning to relook at the entire system.

The problems really started a year ago, right before Blogher, while I was planning everything I needed to do to attend. I fixed up the blog(s), figured out who I wanted to be, got my “elevator pitch” ready, you know, that quick spiel recapping your entire blog that you can tell to someone in the course of an elevator ride. And of course, I make sure I had business cards! In rushing to get all that done, I decided it would be the perfect time to create more blogs and specialties and even a mascot, with his own blog and personality, and I did it all in the name of blogging greatness! I had big plans, made big promises, and stumbled my way through the convention with this fairly new identity, that in reality was only pretty wrapping over an empty box. A box I was expecting to fill with all the awesomeness that came from attending the event.

Well… stuff happens. I came back, I wrote about my Blogher experience, and overall it just broke me. The wrapping fell off the pretty boxes and I had nothing. Well, I had swag I was never going to use and a stack of business cards that I didn’t really know what to do with. What I didn’t have, was the desire to write. I’ve done things since then and I have stories, I just lost all sense of purpose. I had big hopes of going to a great blogging conference and coming back an awesome blogger. Maybe I left the awesome in the hotel or on the train… because it didn’t return with me. So my new contacts, new ideas, new stuff, even new blogs, sit. And they continue to sit in my inbox and in bags, boxes, and totes. And worse or all, they sit in my head. Every day my head tells me to get up and be the awesome blogger I know I can be. And the day ends with good try, maybe tomorrow.

Then this happened.

And this.

Then the big one, I’m calling the “Huge Oversight”… When I created this site, I mixed up some art history eras, overlooking that Salvador Dali was a 20th century artist, not a 19th one. Heck, Dali was still alive when I was born. This may seem trivial, but in terms of copyright laws… it’s not. And I make great attempts at being respectful of copyright/trademark laws. So even though my logo is hand drawn… it is too close to the real thing. And the header, which broke when I moved the site to WordPress from Blogger earlier this year, was an image of the painting! Eek! Kind of why I never bothered to fix it. Plus, everywhere you turn, melted clocks is a Dalí thing. It’s so distinctly him that it’s hard to escape. I’m also really don’t identify with the painting, so is it  a good fit for my website? And when it comes to Dalí’s lifestyle, it’s so not really me either. I mean I’m a little crazy, but he was on a whole other level! Basically, I’m having an identity crisis with myself and it’s taken the site with it. And a lot of  this was brought on because I mixed up my art history eras.


So, now that I am more self-aware, it’s time for a little do over. I need to get back to the basics. Forget superstar blogger, we are going to aim for just a blogger. Or even just a writer. No more trying to keep up with the big names. My pace, my rules. The small opportunities that come with blogging, they will still be there in a year and by then I’ll be ready to approach them on a solid ground with content to back it up.

I’ve done some housecleaning too, and during my moment of clarity, I proceeded in killing off 2 other blog projects I was planning plus all their related social media sites. And I’ve got more things that may go too, because I’m just getting started! As for Dalí the Amazing Blog Fox, my mascot… He’s safe, but he’s getting a bit of a makeover too. Did you know he had Facebook, Twitter, and a blog? That is just too much for a little fox. Some of it has to go. The only thing I do know for sure is the RSS feed will be a little wonky for a bit. And the tree & clock logo is out, as is the header. There’s a really good chance the color palette, the template, and even the name could be on the way out too! At this point, who knows, it’s just time for a reboot!


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Project 52 – Week 26

Well, I’ve made it to the half way point! 26 weeks down, 26 more to go! This is beyond the longest I’ve ever gone consistently on a project, well, of any kind! I will admit, I’m a bit bored. There has been no change what so ever in the backyard these last few weeks and I’m just dying for fall to get here!

To beat the boredom, and because it is the middle of the project… I decided to pull out my newish point & shoot camera and use some of its built-in settings. These two I liked the best:

The Miniature Effect… I love how it looks like a little diorama! Totally doesn’t look real!



And Super Vivid… I love what it did to the colors, though it did have some help since I face a Northwest direction and it was much later in the day than I normally shoot. So mister setting sun helped brighten everything up – and cool it down enough so I could run out and take the photo without needing a shower afterwards!


Here is a slideshow of the past 26 weeks, in case you are interested in seeing all the images together. I used the Super Vivid image to represent this week.


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Project 52 – Week 25

Another week, another fairly boring image. It’s been either too hot or too rainy to do any major yard work, so nothing has really moved. There is really not much more to say other than 90 or some days until the first day of fall!



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A Conversation With My Mother

Every so often, or lately a couple times a day, I’ll see something on the internet or news that just makes me think the world has lost its mind. I pretty much become a bad impersonation of David Tennant’s 10th Doctor.


What? © BCC

But then I start to wonder if it’s really the world that has lost it mind, or is it me? See, I tend to think somewhat differently than other people. What some people see as normal, acceptable behavior, I find it morally, ethically, and simply inappropriate. So, when I’m left wondering if I’m thinking about something in a “me” type of way, I’ll ask my mom her thoughts. A lot of time she agrees with me, but she will also flat out tell me if I’m wrong.

This was a conversation after one of those moments:

Me: So this person on the internet is trying to sell this as this for this much. Is that crazy or am I wrong to think it’s crazy?

Mom: That’s crazy! And you know where crazy lives, you driven by it a few times.*

Me: Of course I know where crazy lives, I have a vacation home there.

And a few hours later over dinner, mom was having a little issue with the peas…

Me: Are you sure you don’t have a vacation house next to mine in crazy town?

Mom: I know, right!

I love my mom!





*So, I’m now being told by mom that she didn’t come up with it on her own… she heard it from a comedian. And here I’m thinking she is funnier than she really is.

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Project 52 – Week 24

This view hasn’t been very inspiring lately. 96 more days until fall!



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Project 52 – Week 23

So much green. Just counting down the days till fall so I can watch the leaves change colors.



That’s all I really have to say this week.



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The Great Purge

I guess it’s time for me to admit it… I’m a hoarder. I’m trying not to be, but I just can seem to help myself. And I’ve clearly been doing it since I was a child, so the practice isn’t new for me. But now it must stop. I need to get out from the piles, these stupid piles that are an excuse for so much. Can’t draw… too much stuff on my desk. Can’t sew… can’t find all the supplies in the piles in the basement. Can’t put away shoes and clean laundry… piles of bags and boxes block the closet. No more can’t. Can’t has got to go out with the piles. So I’m calling this summer “The Great Purge”. I will dig myself out of the piles, I will sell what I can, donate what I can’t sell, and organize what I keep.

Just need to figure out where to start…

Here is just a small sample of what I’m dealing with in the basement:


Pretty bad, isn’t it? And that’s not all of it. There still more in the basement, plus stuff in the garage, attic, and my bedroom. I’d show more photos, but I think my mom would kill me. There is enough stuff to decorate a 4 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms, a garden, and a massive craft room that would make some craft store jealous. But you know what, I’m never going to have a 4 bedroom/ 2 bath house with garden and craft room. So why should I hold on to all of this? Yes, part of it feels like letting go of a dream, but dreams change. I don’t even know if I want that big of a house, or even a house at all. Right now a nice 2 bedroom condo with 1 1/2 bath is more up my alley.

And who to say that if and when I do get my own place, the stuff in storage is still how I want to decorate my home? At one point there was enough Disney items to theme each room, and now… Disney will not be all over the house. And I had two complete Disney kitchen decor sets. Who is ever going to have two kitchens? One set has got to go! Even my dish set. Loved them at one point, now I think it’s just alright. I’m starting to get in the mindset that if I do manage to get my own place, there will be a lot of hard work involved… So maybe as a reward some new dishes are in order.

Craft items are another area I’m drowning in, especially since I’ve sort of given up on crafting these days. I used to do all kinds of crafts and have the supplies to support every.single.one. But it got to a point I spent all my time buying and organizing and that left no time to craft! I wanted to be a Jill of all trades, but sometimes you got to say “you know what, it’s okay that I never learn to knit. And I don’t really enjoy glass painting, so I can get rids of all those supplies.” Once I learn to get over that feeling of “I need to know every craft out there”, I’ll end up purging quite a lot of stuff and gain room to move and do the crafts I love… Though right now I’m off just about every craft out there, but I’m pretty sure that’s just from being overwhelmed.

But the household items really aren’t the big bulk of the mess. And while craft items are probably the second largest category in the piles… Stuff is the number one. Just random, I have no idea what it is stuff. Tons of papers that are most likely trash, pieces of notes & big ideas & dead dreams, and just things. Empty bottles, empty boxes, ideas going nowhere… All tossed in boxes with old pens, broken crayons, a hairpin or elastic here or there.

Randomness. Kind of a metaphor of my life. Pieces of me scattered into a bunch of boxes just waiting for something to happen… While most of the time feeling like it’s just trash.

Anyways… So “The Great Purge”. Where, oh where is it all going to go. Well, surprisingly, that’s the easy part. It’s going to be sorted into one of these seven categories:

Condition, value, and type of item will determine which group it goes in. Craft stuff I want to give away for free, Freecycle Forums. Disney items, eBay or the a Facebook garage sale. Craft items for sale, the Bazaar. Not looking to make a million dollars… But some money would be nice to help pay the bills.

It’s going to take a long while to dig out from under all the boxes, but I know it needs to be done and I have an action plan in place. And I’ve made the first big hurdle… I admitted I had a problem. Acceptance is the best way to start a project like this.


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Project 52 – Week 22

Week 22, almost to the 1/2 way point! This is by far the longest I’ve ever lasted on a photo project! The azalea and dogwood blooms are all gone now, all the trees have filled in nicely, and dad is still hard at work with his chainsaw attacking overgrowth and hurricane damage. I’m sad that all the color is gone, just green left. But fall will be here before we know it and things will be pretty again!



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Project 52 – Week 21

The azaleas have started to fade, the dogwood flowers are almost gone, and dad continues to hack away at the backyard with his chainsaw. We’ve had a ton of rain this week, so everything is really green and healthy. We still have to clean up the fallen pine on the hill, but after closer look, it’s going to be a much bigger project than we first thought. It’s also going to involve the neighbor that just moved in next door, since the trunk of the tree is on her property.



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It’s Geek Pride Day!

Or, at least that’s what the emails from Think Geek tell me.

To be honest with you, this is the first I’m hearing of the geeky holiday and from the lack of chatter on my Facebook feed, I’m thinking this is the first year for it. I know the day was created more as a marketing promotion than a real holiday, but any chance to celebrate geekdom is fine with me. Now there are 3 reasons that today has been dubbed Geek Pride Day, according to Think Geek: 1) on this day in 1977 the first Star Wars movie was released, 2) it’s Towel day – a celebrate of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (it’s two weeks from the day author Douglas Adams passed in 2001), and 3) it’s Glorious 25 May – an event from the book Discworld by Terry Pratchett. I’ve never read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or Discworld, so that could be why I’m unfamiliar with the date. But the description of Discworld on the Think Geek blog has me curious “Glorious 25 May, the day in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld when wearing lilac and hard-boiled eggs (and raising awareness around Alzheimer’s research) is appropriate”… sounds very interesting indeed! As for the Star Wars part of the day, well, I knew the first movie came out in `77, but the actual date was not something that I committed to memory. Still, a day for geekdom is still a win… whether it’s my fandoms of choice or not!

I was planning to celebrate the day by watching The Hobbit tonight, which I still haven’t seen and I kick myself every time I see the Blu-ray sitting on my desk. I consider myself a Lord of the Rings geek and I haven’t watched The Hobbit, I should be feed to Smaug! But alas, another day passed and the movie is still unwatched. Sadly, I skipped watching it to watch Magic Mike with my parents. How many things can you find wrong in that sentence? No one should watch Magic Mike with their parents, heck no one should watch Magic Mike period! Two hours that I could have put towards The Hobbit… I’m a disgrace to the fandom. Male strippers over Hobbits, I’m so ashamed.  I’m going to have to spend the next week trying to redeem myself and my geeky persona.

So, how did you celebrate Geek Pride Day? Did you do anything geeky?


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